Hello friend, it's Titch here (she/her).

I’m a British millenial plodding through life trying to make sense of it all. I also have too many interests that I can’t keep up with, nor can I bore those around me on a daily basis by going on about them all the time.

And so, an outlet on the internet was required and subsequently born - my online guise as Titch (a childhood nickname). I could now bore the rest of the world with my interests instead.

It took me forever to decide what to talk about on the internet, so I settled on ‘everything and anything that comes to mind’ - over time, I may end up settling into a ‘niche’ eventually.

Some interests shout louder than others to me (i.e. gaming, the majority of content on my YouTube channel reflects this!), so I originally separated it into its own branch. Over time, I found it hard work to manage two sites and a blog. It was easier for me to merge the sites into one ‘brand’ - Titch Life. Nice and vague, but let’s face it - the majority of my gaming content was focusing on ‘life-based’ games anyway.

Aside from gaming stuff, I will mostly talk about anything from technology, music, self-improvement… to name a few.

The functionality of this blog means that you can read all these ramblings with a nice cup of tea in hand, but can’t leave comments or attempt some malicious code injection lark via some really insecure webform. If you want to pester me otherwise, all my ‘socials’ and means of contact are on the front page of the main site.

Thank you for listening to my TED talk.

Joking aside, if you are here and enjoying the content, then thank you for your support. It is always much appreciated.

P.S. - yes, the whole ‘hello friend’ thing is a direct nod to Mr. Robot. Amazing telly show, it blew my mind.